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Bunya Mountains National Park

There's a choice of ten well defined bushwalking trails in the pristine Bunya Mountains National Park so you're spoilt for choice. The trails range between 2.5 km and 12 km in length and take between 1 and 4 hours to complete. Most trails are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, with three trails offering a moderately challenging experience.


Poppies on the Hill at the top of the mountain is open from 8am to 4pm daily for breakfast and the Bunya Mountains Tavern is open for lunch daily.

Getting There


The trails are a 35 minute drive by car. With the hairpin turns in the road up the mountain it's safest to leave your van parked at the Bun for the day. It's always cooler on top of the mountain so be sure to take an extra layer!

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Mountain biking

Russell Park, Bunya Mountains

The Russell Park Mountain Bike trails offer an adrenaline experience for all ages. This exciting new experience consists of 20km of mountain bike trails constructed in Russell Park at the Bunya Mountains. The trails are made up of three designated mountain bike ‘loops’ and one shared trail (walking and bikes). 
Two easy loops of 5.5km each and an intermediate loop of 7.8km are on offer making it a great option for relaxed riding.

Russell Park Mountain Bike Trails Map >

Getting There

The trail heads are 37 km from Kaimkillenbun, a 30 minute drive by car on sealed bitumen road. The first 30km of road has gradients of 1-4%, with 4km of 5-15% gradient when you reach the mountain before it levels out at the top. There are few passing places so riding up isn't recommended. Riding down on the other hand ...

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History tour

Jimbour House,

With its heritage buildings, towering palms and ancient figs, the grounds of the residence are strikingly beautiful — but its rich history is what makes Jimbour unforgettable.


The Russell family have restored the house and gardens to their former grandeur and today, Jimbour offers a picturesque location for truly unique events, weddings or a country drive stopover. 

Getting There

This iconic heritage-listed homestead is in Jimbour, a tiny town around 25 minutes from The Bun Tourist Park.

Jimbour Garden and Residence Tours >

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